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Piecemakers Quilt Guild Library

  The Guild has an extensive collection of quilt books available to its members.  New books are always being added to the library.  Periodically, a book sale will be held. Books sold are those that are seldom checked out or have no activity.  Members are able to pick up books for their personal libraries for a very reasonable price.  Proceeds from the book sales are used to purchase new books for the library.  

 To view the Guild's Library go to


 The library cart will be available at the June meeting, but then it will be closed for the summer.  (Our July meeting is the picnic in the park and we don't meet in August.)  Whatever you check out at the June meeting will be yours until September.




This is the list of quilting tools available through the Library. They are not on the Library cart -- Bert brings the tool bin to every meeting. Some tools don’t fit in the tool bin (listed at the end) so let her know ahead of time and she will bring it to the meeting. Tools are a one month checkout.

Bias Square (That Patchwork Place) -- Handy for quickly squaring blocks up to six inches.

Bias tape makers. You are no longer limited to the three yard packages in the store. Make your own in 1/4 or 1/2 inch (finished) widths. Use your rotary cutter to cut thin strips of fusible web to save lots of money over the premade fusible bias tape.

BiRangle (Marilyn Hickey/That Patchwork Place) -- Like making half squares triangles only for rectangles that are twice as long as they are wide.

Clover Pressing bars in five sizes: 6mm - 1/4", 9mm - 5/16", 12mm - 1/2", 15mm - 9/16" and 18mm - 11/16". They are plastic, so they won't get as hot under your iron as the metal pressing bars do (no burnt fingers!), although you also won't get as crisp an edge. Each bar also has a notch that allows you to pull cording or filling through narrow tubes.

Corner Trimmer by Marti Michell — Removes the dog ears and helps alignment with certain piecing/joining techniques. (Great directions included.)

Creative Curves 3" Ruler. Rotary cut convex and concave curves for Drunkard's Path and a variety of other blocks. Instructions are included for machine piecing without pins!

Day and Night Ruler by Quilt in a Day. The companion book is in our library.

Delectable Mountains Ruler by Quilt-in-a-Day (companion book is on the book cart)

Double Diamonds Ruler in two different sizes makes the most amazing cut diamond effect. Manufacturer's website has a few free patterns and idea gallery at

Double Wide Dresden Ruler; there are several youtube videos that show how easy it is to use!

DVD; 100 Expert Quilting Tips II; Fons and Porter

DVD; Quilting Arts Workshop: Master Machine Quilting.  This DVD covers free motion stitching from quilting to thread painting and so much more. Fabric, thread, batting, stabilizers, fusibles, needles, pins, feet, gloves, hoops and more are discussed.
Easy Angle II (Sharon Hultgren) -- Fast and accurate triangles from strips and strata.

Easy Circle Cut Ruler. This ruler allows you to rotary cut circles from 2 to 10 inches (including a 1/4 inch seam allowance). Instructions are included for circles, inset circles, and yoyos. It works best with the small 28mm cutter.

Easy Eight Ruler by Sharon Hultgren -- cuts diamond shapes for 8-pointed stars in seven sizes. Go to for a simple-to-follow tutorial

Electric Scissors (Batteries needed) There are times when a rotary cutter just isn’t the right tool. These can save you from hand fatigue.

Folded 3-D Mariner’s Compass templates to make that oh-so-fussy block with NO set in seams! Folded shapes are inserted into the seams, pressed, and TA DA!

Hex N More Ruler. This ruler allows you to use your rotary cutter to cut shapes (hexagons, half hexagons, 60 degree diamonds, and jewels) from strips. The ruler is marked for cutting four different sizes. A color booklet covers all the basics, but the designer's website includes several tutorials as well as other free pattern sites.

Jelly Strip Charm Templates. Eight acrylic templates for use with fabric strips and Jelly Rolls. The diamond, triangle, half-hexagon, hexagon, and parallelogram fit perfectly on 2.5 inch strips and the small half-hexagon, small diamond and small triangle fit on 1.5 inch strips. Several block layouts and combinations are shown in the accompanying flier.

Kaleidoscope Ruler by Quilt-in-a-Day (companion book is on the book cart)
Lil' Twister Ruler "Midi Size" for six-inch pinwheel blocks. The technique works up quickly and there are many easy designs on the internet. <<< This one has a tip for designing your own!

Rag Quilting Snips! The spring-loaded handle means you can cut longer without fatigue. Also great for cutting fleece for a braided border.

Rotary Blade Sharpener. You don't even take your rotary cutter apart to use it! The tool will always be in the tool bin, so bring your cutters to the meeting and sharpen them before the meeting or during the break. It only works on straight cutters. Will not work on wavy or pinked edges. Will not fix nicked blades. It seems to work best on the big name blades (Olfa) but the cheaper generics don't use the same type of steel and don't sharpen well.

Slash Cutter -- Makes short work of making faux chenille. This newer version includes an interchangeable guide to cut straight channels or gentle curves.

Strip and Twist Template. If you can sew three strips of fabric together then you can create some amazing blocks. The included booklet has seven block designs plus instructions for a table topper.

Tri and Recs Tools (Quilt House) -- Tri tool makes quick work of making triangles within squares. Recs tool makes the "two triangles equal one rectangle" shape. There are two sets of this ruler in the Tool Shed.

Wheel of Mystery acrylic templates are meant to be used with rotary cutters! The seam allowance is already built in. These templates match up with the Wheel of Mystery book by Shar Jorgenson. The book is thin enough that it might get lost on the book cart so it will be kept with the templates.

60 Degree Diamond ruler for cutting diamonds in seven sizes from 1- to 4-inch finished heights. Great for 8-pointed stars or piecing a Lone Star.
6 1/2" Triangle Square Up Ruler by Quilt-in-a-Day

45 degree Kaleidoscope Wedge Ruler (Marilyn Doheny) -- Similar to the Quilt-in-a-Day ruler; handy for making spider webs, Stack 'n Whack, etc.

Kwik Klip -- Those who use safety pins to baste their quilts know how hard it is on the fingers. You’ll be surprised how fast this makes your work go and your fingers will thank you for it.

NOTE: The following tools do not fit in the tool bin, so you'll need to call Bert ahead of time if you want her to bring it to a meeting.

9 degree Circle Wedge Ruler (Marilyn Doheny) -- Card includes projects for this 22-inch ruler. Forty wedges will make a circle.

15-inch Square Ruler

Bias Stripper (Lynn Thomas/That Patchwork Place) -- Directions for cutting bias trips, making half-square triangles, striped squares and rectangles, and for use with her book, Stripples

Chenille It Easy; seven strips that fit into the “tunnel” so you can use a rotary cutter for making faux chenille

Circles Sew Simple. This tool comes with both a book and DVD! Use it to stitch or applique perfect circles from 2 to 27 inches in diameter. Note: you must have either a flatbed sewing surface or extension table to use this.

Follow-the-Line Quilting Designs by Mary Covey -- Volumes I and II.  Full-size patterns for blocks, borders, and corners. What makes these even more special is that they are flat sheets, not bound into a difficult-to-trace/copy book. Some of them are even fold-outs. Each volume (box) comes with a booklet covering subjects like preparation, resizing, marking, basting, and other essentials. Professional long-armers are given permission to use each pattern up to ten times.

Shape Cut by June Tailor is an amazing time saver. Cut strips one right after the other without lifting the ruler and shifting the fabric to find the edge! Directions are even given for cutting bias strips, triangles, diamonds and chevrons.

And more... see or call Bert